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To workout or not to workout that is the question

I get asked all the time how many times a week I do Pilates and how many times someone should do Pilates. Mmm that’s a tricky one to answer. When Pilates really becomes part of your life, you catch yourself “doing it” many times a day. Every time you correct your shoulder placement, remind yourself to keep your ribs over your pelvis or shift your weight back onto your heels - your living Pilates.

I know, I know, but that isn’t a hard core sweaty workout, that’s just doing stuff. Don’t sweat! the small stuff makes the biggest changes in the shortest time.

But you still feel you should be doing more, and good for you!

The answer to how many times I do Pilates is around 3-4 times a week, but I also do yoga and walk and try to get in as much movement as possible on a daily basis. I climb on worktops to get to high cupboards, squat to get in low cupboards bend and twist, hang off things. I’m no different to you, I run two business and have a time consuming hubby and pets, and there isn’t always time to get in hours of exercise.

Here’s the thing if you start thinking you have to do so many hours a week, you probably won’t achieve that target because life is busy and stressful. So how about if one week you did the 100 let’s say 3 times, by the time class came you would probably be better at breathing, your shoulders might feel more free and your legs stronger. But let’s add in on your journey to work and back you practice breathing fully for 5 counts in and out, by your next class your breathing will blow me away!

If every time you’re standing you practice wrapping the back of the legs, holding your legs in the 100 is going to be a breeze. How about while you’re sitting you practice rolling your head or neck in circles? Suddenly holding your head up in the 100 might not feel so much of a pain and if a few times a day you worked on rolling your spine up and down a wall all sorts of good things might come your way and how many additional hours of workout did you do?

So if you have the time, workout as often as you can and want to, but if you don’t it’s not an excuse not to “do” Pilates. Remember moving more during the day and in as many different ways as your imagination can think of will benefit you more than working out 3x a week.

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Those daily workout tips are really useful. I'll add those to my own quirky mini exercises.


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