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Ultimate Pilates in Worthing - Durrington - Goring by sea - Broadwater

Ultimate Pilates - An exceptional blend of Classical Pilates and Restorative Exercise Classes held throughout Worthing, Durrington, Goring by sea, Broadwater .

Welcome to a Pilates class like no other. Taught by a highly experienced, well qualified instructor. These Pilates classes will work you out in both mind and body.

Ultimate Pilates Classes

Classes are a unique blend of release work for the Fascial System, Classical Pilates, Restorative Exercise and Natural Movement. The class incorporates both standing and floor work. Alongside traditional Pilates exercises, you will also work towards natural functional movements like squatting, crawling, rolling and getting up from the floor without your hands. If you are looking to create a strong and healthy body that is capable of moving you through life, these classes are for you.

The repetitive movements of modern life adversely affect our bodies. My classes will help you understand how the body moves as a whole. You will be able to see why, when one part is over or under used, it creates strain elsewhere. Each class teaches you how to assess and correct your own patterns of movement. You will learn how to be able to break down a movement into smaller parts to work on the parts your body finds most challenging. My classes focus on what you cant do as thats where learning and change is created.

Whatever level you are currently at, you will find the classes challenging, educational and motivational. Classes are fun, varied and very sociable. Age is no barrier as we currently have clients from early twenties to early eighties. Pilates classes are based on floor work, so you do need to be able to get up and down to the floor unaided. All equipment including mats are provided. All you need is bare feet or socks, a bottle of water and clothes you can move freely in.

How to book a class.

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What is Ultimate Pilates?

 Ultimate Pilates takes the best of traditional mat-based Pilates and adds in restorative exercises that address the imbalances that modern life creates. The system uses practical and functional movements to restore movement back into stiff hips, knees, backs, shoulders etc. The Ultimate Pilates system of restorative Pilates teaches why movement in certain joints might be lacking, how to restore it, and practical ideas for helping you to bring more movement back into your everyday life.

Ultimate Pilates Instructor

My name is Gaile Dean. I am passionate about movement and its ability to restore the body to health. I have studied Pilates for over 18 years at various highly acclaimed schools. I have also studied the Melt Method, Anatomy in Motion and certified in Nutritious Movement as a Restorative exercise specialist. My classes are completely unique in Sussex and are inspired by my constant drive to learn about human movement.

I love the outdoors and you will usually find me and my dogs barefooting on the beach and the downs. Whenever possible my classes move outdoors, and we run many additional events outdoors on the beach green.