About our classes

In our specialised classes you will receive personalised tuition in a group environment.

Led by highly qualified and experienced Instructor, each class starts by focusing on alignment ,breath and the powerhouse connection followed by floor based Pilates exercises and culminates in standing work. Instructions are verbal with demonstrations where appropriate.

The 55 minute classes are booked as part of a four week term. Each term is carefully structured to ensure a systematic progression through the Classical Pilates System, building your strength, stamina and knowledge . Classes are varied through the use of Pilates equipment designed to aid your understanding of the correct muscular initiation and to provide additional challenges. All equipment is provided. As you become familiar with the flow and the order of the exercises we encourage you to practise at home as Joseph firmly believed that ten minutes a day was better than nothing! Classes are strictly graded according to ability and are structured for the healthy body. It is vital that you discuss any concerns you may have before booking a class. Our classes have a wide range of age groups and both male and female attendees. The exercises are based on the Classical Pilates System using contemporary anatomical knowledge to ensure a safe and effective workout. Our classes are NOT suitable for pregnancy.

You will be encouraged to listen to your own body and become aware of your posture throughout the whole class. Pilates requires mental focus to ensure the precision of each movement . The teacher will be constantly checking the class giving you modifications needed or additional chalenges. To us you are not a body but a person who we want to get to know. Our philosophy of listening to our clients and getting to know each individual, has meant many of our clients have stayed with us from the beginning.

Our classes are kept small to ensure the highest standard of teaching and are run throughout Worthing and surrounding areas. If you have never attended Pilates classes before or have not attended a Classical Pilates class you will need to book an introductory workshop before joining a class.

Come and discover for yourself why we are the leading Pilates provider in Worthing, Angmering Ferring, Durrington East Preston and Lancing.