About Ultimate Pilates

Gaile Dean Senior Instructor

Like many people I came to Pilates through having back pain due to poor posture, a lack of exercise and a back injury. I was sceptical of how this system of exercise would help my problems but within a short space of time my back spasms became less and eventually stopped altogether and I grew fitter and stronger and for the first time in my life actually enjoyed exercise.

This difference led me to give up my career and train as a Pilates Instructor. I trained both here in London and in New York and became the first Power Pilates teacher in the UK. I studied under Bob Liekens and followed the classical system of Pilates which stays close to the original teachings of Joseph Pilates The training incorporates over 600 hours of training and a rigorous exam process but to really understand the system takes years of learning and working on both your own body and with clients. A true Pilates teacher will have studied the whole Classical Pilates system of apparatus and mat to understand this integrated approach to realigning and strengthening the body.

Despite countless hours of education and exams my passion for Pilates only increases as I witness the remarkable changes it brings about in my clients. I sincerely hope that whether you join us for classes or in the studio I can also inspire you with a lifelong passion for this wonderful technique.