Covid-19 secure for return to live 'in person' classes

The following guidelines form the basis of a safe way to return to classes, and embrace both Govenment advice, and Maybridge Keystone Centre requests.

Bring your own mat, plus whatever props, these will be notified to you ahead of class. I will not be bringing any spare equipment.

Please wait 2 metres apart at the main inside doors while I guide each person to their space.

Hand sanitizer is available by the entrance doors.

You will be given a 2m rule to place to the side of your mat to show where the next mat can go.

Please come dressed for class and bring the absolute minimum into the room to avoid going near each other.

No masks to be worn during class (Government directive). It’s your choice if you want to wear them from the entrance doors to the hall doors.

As the classes will be also be zoomed, please no talking during class.

During class I am not able to walk around, so corrections will be verbal only.

We will exit from the back doors to avoid anyone else using the centre, and I will organise each person leaving.

I will not have time to talk after class as I need to get back home to zoom the next class, so please email me any questions. Please, please don't say quick question I’m on a very tight turn around.

Maybridge Keystone Centre have asked that people don’t congregate in the car park to chat, before or after class, so that they don’t block other people using the centre, if you want to catch up with your friends please park in the road and chat there.